Using AlphaSense as a key tool for Competitive Intelligence

by | Mar 12, 2024

Here at HelloInfo, we pride ourselves on our research techniques. Many of us have a background in Library and Information Science and are experts in obtaining insights via primary and secondary research methodologies. While there are many tools we deploy in our efforts to obtain insights for our clients, we turn most often to AlphaSense for competitive insights. By utilizing AlphaSense, we can provide our clients with exclusive information that cannot be found via any other data tool. But before we get into the weeds on the multiple ways we use it, let’s start with a small introduction on AlphaSense.

What is AlphaSense?

AlphaSense is a leading market intelligence and search platform, which aggregates public and private information with a focus on premium sources, including company filings, event transcripts and presentations, broker research, expert interview transcripts, and trade journals.

In the platform, users can take advantage of its sophisticated search tools, data visualization and pattern recognition, and in-platform knowledge sharing. Ultimately, AlphaSense streamlines information retrieval, analysis, and collaboration.

How to use AlphaSense – The basics

The Dashboard, as seen below, is used to monitor company documents, research, and news of the companies, markets, and topics the user is interested in. The Dashboard is customizable, and AlphaSense provides extensive help documentation to guide the setup.

An example of the AlphaSense dashboard

Here, we can search via the two bars at the top of the screen: Keyword search and Company search. Keyword search can find themes and trends within a wide range of documents and companies. The Company search can find information on a company. We can refine searches based on types of sources (categories below the search bars) to quickly identify key trends, competitive insights, and market opportunities without having to sift through multiple sources manually.

While the AlphaSense UI is streamlined for simplicity, it is made for efficient and effective information retrieval. It is set up to enable novice users to easily access information using its search functionality and information classification scheme. And for those of us with background in Library Science, it allows for complex searches with Boolean operators to enable precision search results. 

How AlphaSense supports Competitive Intelligence at HelloInfo

With AlphaSense, HelloInfo can create detailed and uniquely curated research reports and presentations through rich information and insights not found anywhere else. Three key features (there’s more, but these are our favorite) in AlphaSense that facilitate this are:

  1. AI Search and chatbot: AlphaSense uses natural language processing and AI-based algorithms to analyze and categorize documents, making it easier to extract insights. Its AI Assistant can summarize billions of data points to help us get answers to client’s questions in real-time.
  2. Access to non-public information: Our clients need to stay informed and make data-driven decisions to remain competitive. Through AlphaSense, we can access exclusive content like investment broker reports as well as quickly digest and analyze earnings calls through its summaries of the positives, negatives, outlook, and Q&A from earnings transcripts.
  3. Analyze data: Rather than look at data through a single point in time, we can use AlphaSense to compare data from tables in SEC filings, broker reports, and other content sets over historical timelines.
An example of an earnings overview analysis

Put more simply we use AlphaSense to:

  • Easily parse through company documents such as event transcripts from earnings calls to find granular insights,
  • Find out what analyst sentiment is about a company using broker research,
  • Look back at financial trends for a specific company using quarterly or annual reports, or
  • Understand more about a market from market research or initiating coverage reports.

To learn more about how HelloInfo uses AlphaSense to provide quality insights for our clients, please visit our case study on the AlphaSense site.

At HelloInfo, we aim to provide our clients with the best information possible, and AlphaSense is just one of the ways we achieve that goal. If you would like to know more about how HelloInfo can aid your competitive intelligence and strategic planning, schedule a call here.

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