A day in the life of an Analyst at HelloInfo

by | May 8, 2023

Chances are, you know an Analyst, have met one, or have noticed one talking on television, being interviewed in newspapers, or authoring articles in industry sources online. Individuals can be Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, Data Analysts, Financial Analysts, Operations Analysts, Information Analysts, Research Analysts, and more. Looking at ZipRecruiter, there are so many different types of Analysts that the website can make a list of the Most Popular Types of Analyst Jobs in 2023. Despite their niche, analysts as a whole traditionally are skilled at researching, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data in a way that is understandable and actionable.

At HelloInfo, I fall into the latter category, as a Research Analyst. I fill a unique role at our company, in our endeavor to support clients in addressing complex questions about their external operating environment. As an Analyst at HelloInfo, my objective is to support the Consultants and clients however I can. The most typical ways I do this include secondary research, blog writing and posting, creating client deliverables, and copy editing support.

My “typical” workday:

While being pulled in multiple directions is something that I have grown accustomed to, each of my days are organized in a similar fashion.

7-7:30am – Check notifications and plan my day

Working out of Edmonton but on Eastern time means early mornings. However, I am an early bird and being up before the sun allows for a quiet house. This is when I check emails and messages I missed from the previous day. I also review what I wrote in my work journal from the day before, helping me remember notes about projects or must-do tasks for the upcoming day.

7:30am – HelloDay!

From Monday to Thursday, the team at HelloInfo gathers for a brief call where we catch up on life and also discuss the business of the day. This meeting provides a consistent opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into what others are working on.

8-12pm – Execute on assignments and check-ins

I like to focus the bulk of my larger tasks in the morning. This means that up until lunch I keep my head down. Tasks I focus on during this part of my day include blog writing, deliverable editing, secondary research, and writing draft deliverables for senior team members. As I am still learning the ins and outs of consulting and deliverable writing, I will often have working sessions with senior members of the team. These working sessions help improve my skills while also allowing me to pick the brain of our consultants.

12-3pm – Review work and dig deeper

If my project workload sees me conducting secondary research, the afternoon gives me time to clear my head and look for gaps in the data. This time period also gives me a chance to ask any remaining questions to more senior team members. During this time, I often will also look at the HelloInfo marketing and blog schedule. From this schedule, I know what blogs I need to write, review, or post, and can communicate with team members to know how far along they are in writing or review.

3-3:30pm – Daily wrap up

Finishing off the day, I check back on my notes and add comments if necessary, noting if I need to do something specific the next day, or follow up on something that I had trouble on. If I am working on anything time critical, I use this part of the day to let senior team members know where my tasks stand. Being a big fan of sticky notes, I ensure to arrange them in my work journal so that critical information on assignments is not lost.

Final thoughts

At HelloInfo, no projects are exactly the same. While this brings challenges to someone who is learning the Consultant’s life, it also brings a much needed variety to my career experience. Being exposed to so many industries has shown me how my research and writing skills can make an impact. Remote work has pushed me to learn how to keep myself focused and on task with two cats and a kitchen steps away. However more senior team members are always available for guidance no matter how small the detail.

HelloInfo is always looking for quality team members to join us. If you are interested in joining the HelloInfo team please reach out to us here. For more insights on HelloInfo please visit our blog, Spotlight.

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