Hello, 2024!

by | Jan 30, 2024

It has been a busy start to 2024 for the HelloInfo team with new projects being kicked-off and many others wrapping up. And so, within all the New Year fervor we have paused and taken a quiet moment to reflect on 2023. It only seems like yesterday that the idea for HelloInfo sprouted from two weary consultants flying back from a client engagement, and yet, 2023 has shown us that we’ve come a long way.

Hello, Amazing Clients and Partners

Our amazing clients are what motivates us to keep refining our portfolio of work. In 2023 we further established our customer research portfolio with several projects developing customer personas and in-depth studies on customer purchasing experiences. Meanwhile we continued to deliver incredible value in our strategic competitor research. To weather these dark cold days of January, our 2023 client feedback inspires us in the year ahead:

“According to several board members, the State of the Market we completed with you gave a more accurate and actionable understanding of the competitive landscape than a seven-figure landscape conducted with McKinsey four years ago did. We are still using it as part of our strategy development, and it is now a key ongoing deliverable for my in future enterprise strategy efforts.”

Senior Director, Strategic Business Intelligence

“Thanks team! It was a pleasure. You made the process easy and this research is going to be incredibly valuable to our strategy this year. Great work!”

Industry Marketing Manager

In 2023 we established our partnerships with Klue and Crayon, enabling us to help clients take their competitive intelligence and sales enablement to the next level. We look forward to our continued partnership with Klue and Crayon in 2024 and beyond.

Hello, Fellow Women-Owned Businesses

As a women-owned business our team prioritizes conferences that support female-owned and diverse businesses. At WBE 2023 and StrikeUp 2023 we connected with old friends and met new ones in the women owned business community. It was refreshing and inspiring to meet entrepreneurs and leaders in vastly different industries than our own making impacts in their respective spaces and beyond.

Hello, Regina

Our 2023 offsite took place in the beautiful city of Regina. Situated in the prairie province of Saskatchewan, most of us had not been to this part of our vast country, but are now proud to say that as a group we have learned more about what makes up Canada. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum had us reflect on the history that serves as the foundation of our present and the importance of the diversity, equity, and inclusion mandate that HelloInfo is continuously developing.

Meanwhile, solving our first escape room together as a team truly solidified that HelloInfo would not exist without an amazing team! We also learned who on the team gets spooked easily, but we will keep those insights a secret 😉

Hello, Product Marketing Alliance Summit Boston

From a coworking meeting room in the heart of downtown Regina, a brainstorming session set us up for success as HelloInfo made its inaugural sponsorship appearance at the Product Marketing Alliance (PMA) Product Marketing Summit in Boston, MA in October. It was wonderful to meet new folks in product marketing and further understand how HelloInfo can support those in the role. It was also truly empowering that our not-yet three-year-old company was showing among vendors that have been in the industry for decades. There were certainly many takeaways and lessons learned that will guide us in 2024. We look forward to meeting you at a PMA Summit this year!

Hello, 2024!

While predicting the future is always hard, we are confident that 2024 will be another great year. With three new incredible team members that have joined us in the last few months we have many new avenues to explore. Our expanding team gives us different perspectives and experiences to the work we deliver and we keep adding on to our skills, best practices, and methodologies. We look forward to continuing to serve all our amazing clients, supporting our partners, and making new connections.

If you’d like to learn more about HelloInfo, reach out to us here.

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