Say Hello to Nancy!

by | Jul 4, 2023

HelloInfo is proud and excited to announce that we have added a new member to the team!

Nancy has over 6 years of experience in market intelligence and has joined HelloInfo as a Consultant. She has primarily worked with B2B technology customers delivering research analysis and insights that support strategic product decisions.

Nancy has answered a few key questions about herself:

Q: What is your favorite industry to research?

Technology is my favorite industry to research–and live and breathe. Whether it is consumer gadgets, collaboration tools, or business management platforms, I am ready to geek out and learn about what makes users and stakeholders tick. There is also so much to learn about operating system security and privacy; I find this area endlessly fascinating. And I am very excited about where artificial intelligence will take us and how our society will adapt to (or maybe, even embrace) it.

Q: What is your favorite keyboard shortcut?

On Windows it is Windows key + Q to quickly search in Windows for apps, files, settings, etc. On a Mac, it is Shift + Command + 4 to take a screen capture.

Q: What is your proudest work accomplishment to date?

Without divulging into the specific client or details, my proudest work accomplishment is the very first time I saw a client update their products in alignment with the recommendations me and my team suggested. For every client thereafter, I continue to feel proud of the research and analysis culminating into something that helps clients help their customers.

Q: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I was a night owl up until the day my son was born. Now, I am trying to find a sustainable balance between my little early bird and my circadian rhythm.

Q: What podcasts do you rely on to stay up to date?

I usually fire up The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Tech News Briefing for daily quick highlights of recent tech news. When I am running errands, I choose episodes from The Verge’s Decoder, which often have interviews with CEOs and CTOs from big tech companies, The Journal by WSJ and Gimlet Media for business stories, and CBC Front Burner for issues affecting Canada.

Q: What’s one hobby that you’d love to get into?

Developing mocktail recipes and syrups! As a person who loves complex flavors without the buzz this is something I really want to get into and share with others.

Are you interested in picking Nancy’s brain about a tech topic? Reach out and schedule a call with us.

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