Say Hello to Nicolle!

by | Jun 15, 2021

Last week we learned more about HelloInfo co-founder Tanya. This week we dive in with co-founder Nicolle. In this blog post, she shares her favorite industries to research, how she feels strategic research will change in the future, and the email newsletters that keep her up-to-date on the world.

Q: What do you love about your job?

My #1, absolute favorite thing about my job is that I get to learn something new every day. Every project is unique, and every client has a new and interesting perspective on their market, their customers, and their competitors. These aspects allow me to constantly engage my curiosity, which is extremely important to my quality of life. And you just can’t beat the feeling of seeing a news article announcing a decision that your client has made based on your research and advice.

I also love to have the opportunity to design my perfect workplace as a co-founder of HelloInfo, and when the pandemic ends, I will look forward to the travel that my profession calls for!

Q: What are your favorite industries to research?

Every industry is fun for its own little reasons… I love the scientific nature of pharma research and the detailed “juicy nugget” research required for private equity projects. I love that I always learn about cutting edge innovation with technology research projects.

My absolute favorites though, are working with heavy manufacturing and food & beverage. Some of my favorite projects ever have been about BIG machinery markets – excavators, mining engines, Class 6-8 trucks, and more. There is something so gritty and tangible about understanding the differences in machine features and capabilities and understanding how the companies operating in these segments differentiate. I also love food & beverage because I spent my years before consulting in this industry and know and love it so well. Food & beverage is so heavily influenced by consumer trends and how these trends migrate globally, which is always very riveting to dive into.

Q: Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I’ve been an early bird for the past eight years now…thanks to my children! But I would have it no other way.

Q: What email newsletters do you rely on to stay up to date?

Right now I subscribe to The Hustle, Axios AM, and Fast Company’s Compass.

Q: What will change in strategic research over the next 3-5 years?

I increasingly see companies being required to shift, to pivot, to innovate and compete faster and with more agility than ever before, and the corresponding requirements on corporate strategy are only going to increase as a result in the coming years.

More and more, our clients are asking us tactical questions that they need answered quickly in order to be able to pivot on-the-fly and stay one step ahead of their competitors. These questions include:

  • I heard a rumor about my competitor, is it true?
  • What features are my competitors adding to their products in their next updates?
  • What is my competitor saying about my company when they sell against me?
  • What are my competitors’ strategic focus areas for the next quarter?
  • What can I do to my offering to make my customers happier with it?

While long-term, methodical intelligence will still play an important role in the private sector’s strategic planning needs, the need for on-the-fly tactical questions to be answered will grow exponentially.

Connect with Nicolle anytime to learn more about her background, her goals for HelloInfo, and how we can support you:

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