What does HelloInfo do?

by | Jun 8, 2023

Maybe you’ve seen our blogs, maybe you’ve had a peek at our website. Perhaps you’ve caught Tanya or Nicolle posting on LinkedIn, or seen one their presentations at AIIP’s 2022 conference or with the SLA’s Competitive Intelligence Community. But because our work is so dependent on our clients’ custom needs, and because almost all of what we do is highly strategic and confidential in nature, we often field the question: What does HelloInfo actually do?

HelloInfo conducts custom strategic research

At our very core, HelloInfo is a strategic research firm. But what is strategic research? Strategic research is a process that encompasses the activity of answering questions that are so important that the outcomes will guide an entire organization’s strategic direction, investment, and/or next steps.

Because every company is so different from each other, the questions that they have are very diverse. To exemplify this point, consider some real-world examples of questions that HelloInfo helped clients answer just in this past year:

  • How are my competitors compensating and incentivizing their management-level staff?
  • What are our key competitors saying about us in sales calls?
  • What should our HR software sales team say to enterprise-level prospects to make them concerned about using our competitor?
  • How should we market our new eCommerce platform in a way that is compelling to merchants?
  • How can we better visualize this data to provide a persuasive story to our investors?
  • What customer feedback is important for us to consider as we move forward to develop the next iteration of our software?
  • What can we do to move clients from a “Light” version of our software to the “Full-Featured” version?
  • Who are the typical user personas that utilize our software?
  • How are pharmacy players encouraging healthcare providers to suggest that patients use them?
  • How will building owners and operators use digital twins in the near future?
  • How is wholesale food distributed to The Caribbean?
  • What trends do key logistics players see emerging in the next 6 months?

HelloInfo serves clients across business units, across industries, and across the world

As is shown by looking at the above list of research questions, we are commissioned by individuals across organizations, including:

  • Sales and sales enablement
  • Customer success and account management
  • Product design and product marketing
  • User experience research and design
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Corporate strategy
  • Finance
  • Human resources

We call ourselves “industry-agnostic.” This means that HelloInfo does not specialize on any one industry, but rather works with a standard set of research methods (discussed below) that can be deployed across all verticals.

Over the past year, HelloInfo has served clients in healthcare, logistics, eCommerce, big tech, grocery, military services, financial services, and even in the car wash industry! We have capabilities to do so in any geographic market that our clients are interested in, in any local language.

HelloInfo uses core research methods

But how does HelloInfo go about answering such huge, strategic questions? The answer is more straightforward than many realize – We deploy a variety of both primary and secondary research methodologies. These include:

  • In-depth secondary research using databases such as AlphaSense. This provides us with insights that are not available directly in the public domain.
  • In-depth secondary research via internet search engines. We are expert Googlers – When we Google, our best results yield under 100 very targeted hits.
  • Primary research, using first-hand knowledge from individuals that have insights that we are in search of, such as:
    • In-depth interviews: 30- to 45-minute-long conversations with targeted B2B or B2C customers, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), other members of a client’s supply chain, or even current or former members of competitive organizations!
    • Observation: Spending up to 90 minutes with client customers to understand how they use a product or service.
    • Surveys: Web- or telephone-based questionnaires with client customers, or with a wide group of targets.
    • Focus groups: Small groups of client customers, or other groups of individuals.

HelloInfo provides insightful and actionable recommendations

Every output produced by HelloInfo is tailored to our clients’ needs. Do you need a presentation of our results with speaker notes? Do you need an in-depth spreadsheet documenting every tidbit of research we found? Would you prefer a Mural board with illustrative examples that you can collaborate with us on? No problem. At HelloInfo, every project we start comes with an innovative delivery mechanism that is exactly what the research’s audience needs to best consume the insights.

In addition to ensuring that every project output is best suited for its audience, HelloInfo also weighs in with recommendations for every engagement. This means that in addition to receiving the value from our research, you also receive our independent opinion about the best path forward. At the end of a recent engagement, a client working in tech strategy wrote to us:

HelloInfo kept this complex project moving and consistently provided exceptional work. The insights and recommendations delivered were valuable.

At our core, HelloInfo is focused on supporting our clients in better understanding their competitors, their customers, and how to operate in different global markets. We do this through high-touch, customized strategic research, and by offering our take on what the best path forward is.

HelloInfo does more than strategic research

As a company, we stand for more than simply running excellent research projects. As a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise, we take our growing role in the global supply chain seriously. By offering a high-value service used by some of the world’s most successful organizations, we continue to seize every opportunity to evangelize the importance of diversifying supply chains – by incorporating women-owned vendors, in addition to other vendors representing other historically marginalized groups.

Does what we do resonate with you? Do you have decisions to make that should be supported by research? Schedule a call with us to discuss how we can support you.

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