We are industry-agnostic

HelloInfo is focused on applying its methodological expertise in research design and analytical frameworks across industries. When relevant, we partner with industry experts to leverage sector-specific knowledge. 

Orange and white pills spilling out of a bottle

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical intelligence takes a special touch and is one of HelloInfo’s strengths. Covering competitors, KOLs, conferences, and more, we can support with insights for marketing, sales, and business development/strategy teams.

hand holding cell phone showing financial information

Financial Services

From large incumbents to start-up disruptors, and across the financial services ecosystem and value chain, HelloInfo helps companies across all sub-sectors navigate this ever-changing landscape.

computer with code on its screen


After years of unprecedented growth, software and hardware clients look to maintain their market position and better serve end customers. HelloInfo has extensive experience across consumer and enterprise tech solutions.

person using heavy metal lathe to manufacture something


Manufacturing companies are being called on to provide innovative products and services in a technologically-driven and cost-efficient manner. Clients turn to HelloInfo to better understand their markets, customers, and competitors.

hamburger and fries on a plate, with a beer

Food & Beverage

Factors such as labor shortages, the COVID-19 pandemic and digitalization are having an impact on foodservice players. HelloInfo partners with companies in this segment to help them recover, pivot, or position them for growth.

business section of a newspaper

Private Equity

Increase confidence and reduce risk in the due diligence process, using HelloInfo’s support. We help clients to select the right opportunities and avoid surprises, while maintaining necessary confidentiality. 

aisle of grocery store full of consumer goods

Consumer Products

Consumer Product companies face unprecedented disruption, with channel shifts, loss of scale advantages, technology innovation, and increased pressure to make an impact with social purpose.

pile of laptops


Prioritizing customer relationships, 5G infrastructure, IoT, and retaining market share are at the top of telecom clients’ minds when they engage with HelloInfo on a project. 

cranes and shipping containers at a port


Companies in logistics need support navigating changing consumer trends, growth of the gig economy, and macro impacts such as the pandemic or serious weather-related events.