Our processes

Project Commencement

A project begins with a 30-60 minute kickoff with you and your stakeholder team. At this point we establish and confirm the project objectives, and ensure that both your team and the HelloInfo team are well-versed in the nuances of the questions the project will answer.

In these kick-offs timelines are confirmed, project milestones are aligned with those timelines, and regular checkpoint meetings are scheduled with you and your HelloInfo project management team.

Project Collaboration

As your project progresses, you will meet regularly with your HelloInfo project team for updates on milestones. During these meetings we review insights collected and draft deliverables. You will have the opportunity to tweak or pivot the course of research if necessary, and to ask questions on material prepared to that point.

Upon project completion we remain available for further questions pertaining to the research and for tailored presentations to your various stakeholders.

Project Execution

HelloInfo’s proven project methodologies spans from conducting exhaustive research, through analyzing results to share with your stakeholders, to delivering tangible intelligence in an approachable way. All of our research, analysis, and outputs are unique to your needs.

We pride ourselves on getting and keeping client buy-in, being able to see the big picture, keeping clients continuously up-to-date with research progress, and delivering high-quality, on-budget and on-time results. You will never regret working with us!


Secondary Research

The HelloInfo secondary research team consists of individuals with library and information science degrees and access to a range of paid general and industry-specific information resources.

Comprehensive secondary research is included in all project engagements. If your answers are available in public sources, we will find them.


Primary Research

Primary research enables HelloInfo to answer your questions when data is not available in the public domain.

Primary research methodologies we deploy vary depending on the information you seek. Surveys, focus groups, observational studies, and in-depth interviews are all used by our project teams.


Information is helpful, but analyzed, synthesized intelligence is much more valuable. Let HelloInfo show you how we artistically bring together vast quantities of information and make meaning.

With a toolbox of classical analytical frameworks as a base, the HelloInfo team goes one step further to customize the models used in your project. Your question, industry, company, and problem is unique – shouldn’t your frameworks be too?


Project Output

What good is a report that sits on a shelf? The HelloInfo team collaborates with you to ensure the insights we generate are disseminated and socialized amongst your team, to other teams, up to leadership, and beyond.

With custom deliverables for different audiences, webinars or in-person presentations, and a variety of delivery formats available, we make sure your investment is used to the fullest potential.