Approachable answers to complex questions

HelloInfo serves leading companies with boutique strategic research, in a streamlined and service-oriented way.
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How We Work

Whether you need a comprehensive deep dive on a strategic topic, or are simply looking for answers to a handful of tactical questions, HelloInfo can help. The sky is the limit.

Our approach

Utilizing a full suite of research and analysis methodologies, HelloInfo can answer any question your company has about its external environment. We collaborate with you in project design and implementation, giving you full control over the process and ensuring that the output provides actionable value.

Our output

Everything we produce is customized for you. Need two slides to show your CEO? Need a full data set in Excel? What about speaker notes added for your upcoming presentation? HelloInfo designs deliverables to suit your specific needs and audience.

Our clients

We work with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals, and across all industries. Whether your team sits in strategy, product development, sales, marketing, UX, or executive leadership, we can support.

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Why Choose HelloInfo?

We offer the frameworks, experience, and skills of the major consulting firms, with a boutique approach.


Thousands of successful projects completed

Customized, collaborative working model

Local research capabilities around the world 


Projects managed by seasoned intelligence professionals

Consistently high feedback from clients
Ongoing post-project support included in all engagements

Able to work within your budget or timeline


Custom deliverables for different stakeholder audiences


Projects result in quantifiable ROI for clients

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Experience Matters

The HelloInfo team consists of industry-seasoned research experts and project managers who have executed hundreds of global strategic engagements. Working with us gives you an immediate advantage in today’s disruptive landscape.

The company was founded by Tanya Humphrey and Nicolle McKinnon who saw a need for a creative approach to actionable insights, without having to wade through drawn-out timelines, recommendations from inexperienced consultants, unexpected costs, and inconclusive results.

Our mission is to answer client questions in an approachable way – your experience with HelloInfo will always be easy and pleasant to navigate.

Tanya and Nicolle, competitive intelligence experts, looking at the camera

Questions We Answer

We can provide insights on any questions you have about your external operating environment.


How should I design or tweak my product roadmap to stay competitive?

What next-gen features are your competitors developing? What are the table stakes of the future? HelloInfo can conduct detailed research and benchmarking to help you identify where your product(s) should be.


How do I keep my customers satisfied and grow my business?

Many companies contact HelloInfo because they are losing customers and do not know why. We can help you pinpoint the reasons, and more importantly, develop strategies to fight back and retain your valuable business.


Who are my competitors' top accounts, and why are they with them?

Most of your competitors’ success comes from their top customers. HelloInfo can identify who they are, what and how much they buy, and where opportunities exist for you to break in as a new supplier.


Who can I partner with, or acquire, to capitalize on a new opportunity?

Your company wants to expand, but how? HelloInfo has vast experience in conducting partnering and due diligence studies to identify the most attractive targets for acqusition, partnership or investment.


What is the market size and forecasted growth for my industry?

It is important to understand the potential size of a market when considering investing in or entering. HelloInfo conducts market sizing exercises on niche industries to provide you with the knowledge needed to justify investment.


How is my competitor addressing the market differently?

Why does your competitor win in certain markets or segments where you see less success? HelloInfo’s competitor and market analysis shows you why this is happening and provides opportunities for differentiation.


What pressures will my company face as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic?

As “normal life” returns, many companies struggle to know what their next move should be. HelloInfo supports clients in understanding who the new key players are, how their markets are shifting, and what regional and regulatory anomalies should be considered.


What insights can you share about my competitors' recent strategic event?

Have you heard a rumor about a competitor doing something unusual? Why would they make such an unexpected move? HelloInfo’s research capabilities can quickly answer many types of tactical questions.


What are my competitors showcasing at a specific conference?

Unable to send your team to a conference? Need specific intelligence from the players participating? HelloInfo can attend the conference, conduct discrete competitive intelligence, and provide you with comprehensive insights and real time updates.